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Some important notes

1) It is absolutely forbidden to own more than 1 team. If you use the same computer or share the same LAN of other F1Project players you must communicate this to the Admin staff through Email immediately after you register. In the mail you must specify all the usernames sharing the computer or LAN with the description of the user status: e.g. active user or waiting list user.

2) In the field: Country, please enter the Country from which you connect. If your Country is not in our list, please contact us by email at the following address: staff[at]f1project[dot]org

3) Insert a valid email address: in your email address you will receive your password and the information to complete your registration.

4) N.B.: With some mail providers (especially hotmail) it is possible that the automatic mail will be considered spam by anti spam filters. Please check it has not been sent to the spam or junk mail folder if it is not in your Inbox. In order to prevent this from happening again, once you have retrieved the automatic mail from the spam folder, you can change the status in "mark sender as safe" (also by adding the email address to your contacts list will help) which will avoid this problem in the future.

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   *The short name is useful to add a code to all the components of your car you build. You can use any name (for example an abbreviation of the team's name) and it must not contain more than 5 letters. Example: If you call your team Alfa Romeo you can choose AR as the short name. In this way each of your components (for example an engine) may have as a code AR-3 or AR-24 (the number next to the name represents the system id of the component).

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