Rules of game
F1Project World Championship

The winners of the Formula 1 of each country can partecipate, the season after the win, to the F1Project World Championship. Each country is placed in a ranking based on the strength index of the teams of the national Formula 1 championship. In the ranking is possible to notice a division into sections:
Country A
Country B
Country C
Country D
Country E
Country F
and so on..

Countries A,B e C belong to a section, Countries D,E e F belong to another section. Based on ranking and sections the system creates groups for World Championship. The championship consists of a first group stage and of a final stage.

The group stage
The group stage is calculated during the weekly update on Thursday of week 1. There is a random draw made by the system: by each section is drawn each time a country (so the team winner of the Formula 1 of that country) to create the groups. To participate in the group stage the winner of the Formula 1 of a country must still be active when the draw happens. In the group stage there is mono-brand race per week (on Tuesday during the time at which it normally runs the Formula 1 of the host country) in the circuit of each participant. It is possible to select for each race the two drivers who sit in the car and strategies from the page of the races. After the group stage each team winning its group will enter the final stage.

The final stage
The final stage consists of a single mono-brand race which is run the Tuesday of week 11 on the circuit of the team that was ranked best in his group among all the winners of the group stage (in case of total equality is considered the team with the lowest id). Teams that will take part in this final race will find it in the races page since Wednesday of week 10. The Team winner of the F1Project World Championship is determined by the best score (the sum of points scored by both drivers of each team) in the final race. The winner driver of the championship is the winner driver of the final race.

For both the group stage and the final stage, score system is the same of the national championships. As for national championships, statistics updates of the F1Prohect World Championship occur after a period of 1 hour and 40 minutes from the start of each race. For these races you have to consider the test/contest weather for settings.






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