F1 Project pictures
Here are some screenshots from the game which represent a small part of what you can do inside F1Project. You can click on the images to make them larger.

Let's start from the home page. When you login you will be always informed about the latest news on F1Project world. This is the summary page for your team. It's possible to personalise it with a logo to make it individual and publish press releases to inform your supporters about the most important events.
A 3D graphics viewer to follow your cars along the entire track.. ...and observe their movements directly on the asphalt.
Each team has its own drivers which are ready to battle for the championship. The drivers are all characterised by various skills which affect their performance during the race. Also your scout will always be in search of new talent. You will also have to try to assemble a competitive car in order not to make a poor impression during the races for the championship. Your storehouse gives you a quick overview of the components at your disposal.
Not all components are equal. Some enable you to win races, others will be only suitable for the incinerator. It's your task to determine which will make you more competitive. Cars will need specialist components. Your lab which is run by the best engineers of the F1Project world await only for your order to churn out the engines, tyres, suspensions and all the other components which make up your car.
If you aren't satisfied with the lab's results or with the talent scouts you can always search on the market. You could find some bargains, assuming that you manage to win the auction. Once you have prepared your cars it will be necessary to examine the circuit where the race will take place. Track information will allow you to adjust your car so you can exploit its maximum potential.
On Wednesday a separate contest takes place. A circuit is selected at random and all teams can try to record a time with their own cars. If you do well at finding the right adjustment and your car is competitive you could be entered in the official classification. Your supporters will be enthusiastic about your team and you can please them by selling lots of souvenirs with the teams logo. Everyday your store manager will provide you with a summary of sales from your chain of shops.
As your team becomes even more famous. Companies from all over the world will offer you major contracts in order to secure a little advertising space on your car. The big day finally arrives. The whole week’s preparation comes down to an hour and a half during the race. Will you manage to be at the front of the race until the end? You can follow your drivers through a live text commentary or…
...you can make use of the live race graphic and watch the cars fight it out for the podium Once the race is finished you can exchange your opinions about the last race with the other managers on an internal forum. The forums are divided into a system of themed associations which will enable you to only follow the topic in which you are interested in.

This is only an introduction to the huge amount of things you can do on F1Project. The game never ends! Once you the have won the Formula you belong to at the end of the season you can go up to a superior Formula until reaching the highly coveted Formula 1, the Formula which is the preserve of the best players. Take part in F1Project world...If you are keen on motor racing or are an occasional spectator of Formula 1 Grand Prix then this is the Browser Game made for you!







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